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Giampaolo Talani, “One full moon night”, 1998 (tempera and oil on wood, 100x100 cm), particular

Florence tributes an unprecedented exhibition to Giampaolo Talani

Surprising installations expected in Piazza della Signoria and in the Uffizi Open Gallery

a cura di Editorial Staff, il 28/01/2008

In the cradle of the Renaissance an unprecedented anthological exhibition dedicated to the contemporary artist Giampaolo Talani: 55 paintings of public and private collections coming from Italy and abroad (some pieces, in particular, from USA and Japan) staged in Palazzo Vecchio. For two months, a large sculpture placed in the Uffizi Open Gallery and another surprising great installation in Piazza della Signoria too.

An outstanding artist become world-wide famous as the “Master of the Station’s fresco”

It is the prestigious tribute paid to the “Master of the Station’s fresco” by the city of Florence and the Uffizi Gallery. The Italian Minister for Culture will also approve the event with two acquisitions that will be both staged in Rome: one at the Museum of the Vittoriano, the other in the Collection of the Quirinale.

The exhibition, called “Rosa dei Venti” (Wind Rose), will be inaugurated on March 7, 2008 at 5.30 pm and will remain opened to the public until April 27, 2008, from 10.30am to 6.30pm with free admission.

The “Rosa dei Venti” exhibition is the culminating point of an extraordinary thirty-year career

This is the culminating point of Talani’s extraordinary thirty-year career, today one of the protagonists of the international art scene: from the early series of frescoes of the late ’70s for the Church of San Vincenzo (Livorno), his hometown, to the American and European exhibitions of the ’80s and ’90s, and the important experiences of Naples, Arezzo, Fiesole, Milan, Bologna, Palermo, from the year 2000.

A particular of the Florentine Station’s fresco

Finally, in 2006, the famous and astonishing fresco “Partenze” (Departures) of the Florentine train station Santa Maria Novella, by means of which he managed to call back the international attention on the artistic modernity of Florence

The 8 sections of the Florentine show

Talani’s one-man exhibition, divided into 8 sections, will present paintings of various sizes chosen from the most important periods of his artistic production: “Stories of the sailor”, “A strong sea wind”, “Salted stories”, “Fish finders”, “Musicians”, “Finisterre-Departures”, “Seashore animals”, “Shadows”. The exhibitions is organized by Laura Farina, the catalogue is edited by Elisa Gradi, the evocative staging is realized by Paolo Nocentini and Giacomo Bioli Pini, with the use of ancient doors and windows.

The installations and the symbolic universe represented by the sea

“Rosa dei Venti” is also the name of the original installation that the Tuscan master and his collaborators will stage in Piazza della Signoria and that will remain secret until its inauguration. For all the exhibition period there will also be a bronze sculpture of 3 meters under the Uffizi Open Gallery, right in the middle of the colonnade that faces the Arno, with an evident reference to Giampaolo Talani’s imagery, the symbolic universe from which he has always drawn inspiration and that has made him famous: the sea.
(text curated by Antonio Pagliai)

    Exhibition's data

  • Giampaolo Talani. “Rosa dei Venti”
    from 8 March until 27 April, 2008
    Opening: Friday, March 7, 5.30 pm
  • Curator:
    Laura Farina
  • Staging:
    Paolo Nocentini, Giacomo Bioli Pini
  • Palazzo Vecchio - Sala d’Arme
    Florence, Piazza della Signoria
  • Opening times:
    Mon-Sun, 10.30 am - 6.30 pm
  • Tickets:
    Free admission
  • Catalogue:
    De Paoli Edizioni d’Arte edited by Elisa Gradi
    ISBN: 978-88-902007-3-1
  • Information:
    Eventi Pagliai - Tel. (+39) 055 7378736
    Sito web di Giampaolo Talani
    Oltremare Arte: Phone - Fax: (+39) 059 550645

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