Artelab, art information and promotion on the Web

Artelab takes origin from passion and experience of a team of professionals aware of the fact that information and promotion, also in the world of visual arts, pass more and more through the Web.

After the success gained with the portal, become in a few years one of the most important references in the world of web art-magazines, the Artelab team has decided to widen its own activities by a new site, both finer and more usable.

In addition to that, the strength points of the ARTfaq project have been improved, such as the double editorial staff based in Italy and Germany. The German office is coordinated by Artelabís Editorial Director, art historian Bernd Noack.

The aim of Artelab is offering valid information on what happens in the Italian and international art scene, useful both to simple art lovers and professional operators such as artists, gallery owners, curators, art critics and historians, event organizers, art collectors.

To these professional users Artelab offers, in addition, a wide range of instruments for improving communication, create contacts and promote their own activities on the Web.